Buy and Sell Business

  • Comprehensive Advisory: Expert guidance and strategic advice throughout the entire acquisition process, from initial assessment to deal execution, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients.
  • Target Identification and Evaluation: Identifying and evaluating potential target companies or acquisition opportunities that align with clients' growth strategies, industry preferences, and financial objectives.
  • Deal Structuring and Negotiation: Crafting optimal deal structures and skillfully negotiating terms and conditions to secure favorable outcomes for clients, balancing risk and value.
  • Transaction Financing: Assisting in sourcing and structuring financing options, including debt and equity capital, to facilitate successful M&A transactions.
  • Integration Planning and Execution: Developing comprehensive integration solutions and supporting clients in effectively merging acquired companies or business units, ensuring seamless transitions and capturing synergies.
  • Our fee structure is very simple, transparent, no unexpected fees at the late stage of deal closure

We help both sides



  • We broaden your prospectives and offer only those buyers who are trully interested in maintaining your business and promoting it further
  • We take care of initial screening process, early negotiation and choosing the best fit
  • We help you with marketing materials to show the true value of your business 
  • Our team will market only those materials which you approve


  • Our team will carefully listen to your goals, terms, budget, industry requirements and will start our search according to your parameters 
  • We will narrow your options to the best fitting candidates lits 
  • We will help you with negotiations with sellers